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Monitor reviews, respond to reviews and collect more reviews. Do everything from one app for all of your Google map listings and Facebook pages.

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We’ve put all chats from multiple locations under one roof. Use template replies, assign chats to team members, add custom labels & notes for context. Know more ->

AI powered

Powerful AI to deliver the best customer experience

AI quick responses and custom canned/template replies for quicker engagement. Mark and follow-up important reviews. Automatically summarise and attach context on reviews using AI powered custom notes. Segment customers using custom labels.

Review aggregation

All your reviews at one place

Reviews from multiple Google my business listings and Facebook pages come to one easy to use dashboard. Respond to them directly without ever leaving Cloodot.

Review request

Let your customers endorse you

More positive online reviews improve business. Easily collect more positve reviews to show up on top of your competitors in search results.


Decisions driven by data never go wrong

See how your whole business is performing using our analytics tool. In-depth data and visualisations let you see in detail, how every single outlets are performing and help you take timely actions.

Bot and automations

Bots and workflow automations to reduce labour

With our powerful AI Review Reply Bot, you could automate upto 90% review replies. Gives you more time to focus on those customers who require your personal attention.

Focus on customers. We’ve covered everything else for you!

Mobile app

Our dedicated mobile app let you conveniently collect reviews and respond to reviews on the go.

Canned responses

Save a lot of time by creating templates for repetitive replies. Creating organisation wide templates also ensure consistency of information passed.

Assign Reviews

Hand over reviews to relevant department or employees to provide quick and fool proof resolutions.


Assign connections/channels to employees in any combination you like. You can decide who has access to which conversations or channels.

Custom labels and notes

Dealing with 100s of reviews can be confusing. Our custom labels allow you to segment and organise customers. Custom notes help you to attach context to each of your reviews.


Eliminates need for individually inviting or giving access to each of your business’s original pages and listings. In Cloodot, your employees will have access to chats or reviews or both only depending on defined access type.


Get a detailed report of reviews you get across different listings. See performance of all your employees who handle reviews.

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