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How to add the location to your Facebook page | Cloodot
How to add the location to your Facebook page | Cloodot
How to add the location to your Facebook page | Cloodot

How to add the location to your Facebook page


Published on September 9, 2023

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Adding Your Business Location to Your Facebook Page

  • Page Type: Ensure that your company's Facebook page is categorized as a business or brand page. You can only have one address associated with your page.

  • Access "Edit Your About Info": To add your address, go to your Facebook Page. Below the cover photo, click on "Edit." In the top right-hand corner, you'll see "Edit Your About Info." Click on it

  • Navigate to "Edit Your About Info": Once you're in the "Edit Your About Info" section, locate and click on "Add your location."

  • Add or Edit Your Address: In the "Location" section, you can add or edit your business address. Make sure it's accurate.

  • Confirm Changes: Click "Save" or any equivalent option to confirm the addition or modification of your business address.

  • Facebook Places: You may have heard of Facebook Places in the past, which required a separate listing for businesses. With your address on your business page, this is no longer necessary. However, you might find other variations of your business on Facebook Places.

    Claim Additional Pages: To claim these pages, follow these steps:

    • Go to Facebook and use the search bar to find your business, even from your desktop (no GPS device needed).

    • If you locate a Facebook page for your business that you don't own, go to that page and click "Is this your business?" below the cover photo.

    • Follow the on-screen instructions to claim the page.

    • Merge Pages: If you own an existing Facebook business page and want to merge it with a claimed Facebook Place, follow the instructions provided by Facebook for merging pages.

    Benefits of Adding Location:

    If you run a brick-and-mortar business, including your business address on your Facebook page can help create excitement. It enables users to check in when they visit your establishment or discover your business based on its location.Staying connected through social media platforms has become a widespread trend. Platforms such as Facebook enable you to sign in, share a status update, and tag your current location, allowing you to connect with friends and share your whereabouts. Adding your location to a post can be an enjoyable experience and can be effortlessly accomplished using either your computer or smartphone.

Adding Location to a Facebook Post via Computer

  • Access Facebook: Begin by opening Facebook on your computer (Mac or PC) and signing in to your account.

  • Create a New Post: Click on the empty white box labeled "Create Post" to initiate a new Facebook post.

  • Compose Your Post: After you've written your post, proceed to the next step.

  • Include Location: Locate and click the "Check In" button situated below the text box.

  • Specify Your Location: In the pop-up text box that appears, type in your location.

  • Then, select the most appropriate location from the dropdown menu.

  • Publish Your Post: To share your post, complete with the location, simply click the blue "Post" button.

Adding Location to Your Facebook Post via Mobile: 

  • Access Facebook on Your Smartphone: Begin by opening the Facebook application on your smartphone.

  • Navigate to "Places": From the app's main menu, locate and select the "Places" option.

  • Initiate Check-In: Choose the "Check-In" option. This action will open a new menu.

    to add Check-In on facebook
  • Add a New Place: Click on "Add" next to the "Place Name" field.

  • Enter Place Name: Input the name of your current location into the designated field.

    to add location to facebook post | Cloodot
  • Provide a Description: Add a brief description of the place, if desired.

  • Confirm and Save: Select "Add." This step will prompt a field to appear, allowing you to share your location.

  • Enter Additional Information: Under the newly created place, enter any additional information you'd like to include.

  • Check-In: Finally, select "Check In." Your location information will now be displayed on your Facebook profile.

Adding Location to an Existing Facebook Post

  • Access Your Published Post: If you've already posted on Facebook without including a location, don't worry. Facebook posts can be edited. Begin by locating the post to which you want to add a location.

  • Initiate Editing: Click on the three small dots in the upper right-hand corner of the post. A dropdown menu will appear.

    how edit post on facebook | Cloodot
  • Select "Edit Post": From the dropdown menu, choose the option labeled "Edit Post."

  • Access "Check In": After clicking "Edit Post," navigate to the "Check In" option.

  • Search for Your Location: In the "Check In" section, search for your specific location.

  • Add Your Location: Once you've found your location, click on it to add it to your post.

  • Save Your Changes: Click the "Save" button to confirm the addition of your location to the post.

  • View the Updated Post: After saving, you'll see your location displayed within the post.

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