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How to Unpublish a Facebook Page


Published on September 27, 2023

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Unpublishing a Facebook page involves directing all future visitors to a message stating that the page is currently unavailable. It's important to note that this action does not delete the page or remove its content. Unpublishing provides an alternative to deletion, allowing you to hide the page temporarily.

Many users may not be aware that there's an option besides deleting a Facebook page when they wish to keep it concealed. The 'unpublish a Facebook page' feature serves this purpose, providing a temporary means of hiding a Facebook page.

This guide to Facebook page unpublishing will comprehensively cover everything you need to know. Let's dive in!

Unpublish your Facebook page in a few clicks

If you've set up your Instagram business profile using the Instagram app, it likely created a new Facebook business page, appearing as a blank page with no cover photo and a placeholder profile picture when accessed via desktop. Since you may not want to use this Facebook business page, you can start the unpublishing process by

  • Log into your Facebook account 

  • Click on the profile photo in the top right corner 

  • Choose “see all profiles” and select the page you want to unpublish 

  • Then click on your profile picture at the top of the “page interface” 

  • Now navigate to “settings and privacy” then click on the setting 

  • On the left side of the privacy page, click on “Facebook page information”

  • Then locate, deactivate, and delete, and click "view”

How to unpublish a Facebook page on a mobile 

If you find yourself without access to a PC and need to unpublish a Facebook page, you can achieve this through the Facebook Business Suite app on your mobile device. Here's how:

  •  From your main page, click on the 3 lines in the bottom right of Facebook

  • Scroll down and tap “settings and privacy.”

  • Tap see more in the account Center. 

  • Then tap personal details 

  • Tap account ownership and control 

  • Then tap deactivation 

  • You can choose the account that you want to deactivate 

  • Then, tap continue, and follow the instructions to confirm 

Unpublishing vs. deleting a Facebook page: key distinctions

The primary distinction between unpublishing and deleting a Facebook page lies in its reversibility. While deleting a page is irreversible, the decision to temporarily unpublish a Facebook page can be modified at any time.

Also read: how to reclaim Ownership of your Facebook Page 

Unpublishing Your Facebook Page

Unpublishing a page also empowers page managers to maintain control over their content without resorting to page deletion and the loss of all materials. It provides the option to unpublish and retain the content, effectively preventing the loss of followers or potential customers who may be subscribed to the page.

If you opt to unpublish your Facebook page, it's essential to understand that this action does not entail the deletion of your followers or post history. Instead, they remain hidden from public view until you decide to make them visible again. 

This difference in approach provides flexibility for those who wish to temporarily hide their page's content while maintaining the option to bring it back into the public eye when desired.

Now that you know how to unpublish a Facebook page, it's important to emphasize the need to back up all essential information and strategize how to preserve your online reputation if you decide to proceed with unpublishing your Facebook page.

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