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Meta's Latest Update: Create up to 4 Personal Profiles on Facebook
Meta's Latest Update: Create up to 4 Personal Profiles on Facebook
Meta's Latest Update: Create up to 4 Personal Profiles on Facebook

Create up to 4 Personal Profiles on Facebook


Published on September 26, 2023

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In a significant development following the successful introduction of meta verification on Twitter, Meta has now introduced an innovative multi-profile option. 

  • Meta introduces the capability to create multiple personal profiles on Facebook.

  • This feature is in the process of a global rollout.

  • Meta has plans to extend Messenger support for additional profiles in the upcoming months.

  • This update aims to enhance the user experience by offering greater customization and control over their interactions on the platform.

Effortless organization 

These multiple personal profiles enable users to easily organize who they share with and what content they see for different parts of their lives. For instance, you can have one profile dedicated to your love for the foodie scene and another solely for keeping up with friends and family. It's all about giving users more control over their Facebook experience.

While Facebook already provides controls to select your sharing audience, the introduction of multiple profiles is a response to feedback received over the last year. Users have expressed the need for clearer organization of friends, groups, and interests, which, in turn, encourages them to engage more freely with the audience they find most relevant.

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How Facebook's multiple personal profile works and what is accessible 

  • Choose a name and create an @username for up to four additional personal profiles.

  • Connect with selected people or communities, ensuring each profile has its unique Feed featuring content and interests relevant to your choice.

  • Seamlessly switch between your profiles, with no need for a separate login.

  • Initially, certain Facebook features like Dating, Marketplace, Professional Mode, and payments won't be accessible for additional personal profiles.

  • Messaging will be accessible within the Facebook app and on the web for additional personal profiles from the start.

  • Meta plans to expand Messenger support for additional profiles in the upcoming months.

  • The option to create an additional personal profile is exclusively available to eligible adult accounts.

Settings advantage over your multiple Facebook profiles

When you create an additional personal profile, it's important to understand the controls and settings that come with it:

Default Settings: The settings for your new profile are automatically set to default. This means that notification and privacy settings from one profile won't carry over to your other profiles.

Separate Management: Some settings are managed independently for each profile. This includes control over who can see the posts on that specific profile and who can send friend requests to it.

Privacy Management: We strongly recommend checking and managing your privacy settings for each new profile you create. You have the flexibility to update these settings for your profiles at any time.

Main Profile Privacy: Rest assured, your main Facebook profile won't indicate the presence of additional personal profiles. Your privacy remains intact, and your other profiles remain discreet.

Policy Guidelines

Facebook maintains its longstanding policy on account integrity and authentic identity, emphasizing that your main Facebook profile must reflect the name you use in your daily life. This rule remains consistent, ensuring authenticity. However, with additional profiles, you have more flexibility in choosing a name, although this flexibility doesn't apply to your main profile. 

Facebook is dedicated to preventing impersonation and identity misrepresentation, safeguarding users from false information, including age or location. All profiles, including additional personal profiles, must adhere to Facebook's Community Standards. Those with a history of policy violations won't have the option to create additional profiles, and ongoing policy violations through additional profiles can result in actions taken on the entire account, including associated profiles. There are some additional policy guidelines given by Facebook for creating multiple Facebook pages click here to read. 

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