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How to Add Users to Google My Business
How to Add Users to Google My Business
How to Add Users to Google My Business

How to Add Users to Google My Business


Published on October 6, 2023

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As one of the best customer experience management platforms, we enjoy educating small business owners about Google's valuable suite of free tools. Among these, Google My Business is a highly beneficial platform for small businesses to leverage. A Google My Business listing can significantly enhance a small business's online presence, offering numerous advantages.

By adding users to your Google listing, you save time and gain improved management and control. Furthermore, with multiple users on board, your business can respond more swiftly to customer inquiries on your listing. Discover all the essential information about adding users to your listing below.

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How to add a user to Google My Business

Step 1: Access your Google My Business account

Visit and log in to your Google My Business account. Select the specific location to which you want to grant access.

Step 2: Open the main menu

Click on the hamburger menu icon located in the top left-hand corner.

Step 3: Navigate to user management

From the main menu, choose the "users" option. This action will direct you to the user management screen.

Step 4: Add a new user
  • To add a manager to your Google My Business profile, click on the "add user" icon found in the top right-hand corner. 

  • This is also an opportunity to review your account's access list and remove any outdated entries. 

  • Simply click the "X" next to the name or email of the user you wish to remove.

Step 5: Enter your email and set permissions
  • Enter the email address of the new user and choose their permission level. For a manager role, select the "manager" access level. 

  • Managers can handle reviews and post updates and promotions, but can't delete the listing. 

  • If you need someone to handle communication and review responses without posting new content, choose the "communication manager" role.

Step 6: Send the invitation 
  • Once you've selected the appropriate role, click "invite." This action triggers an email invitation to the new user, prompting them to accept. 

  • You'll receive a notification when they accept the business invitation.

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What are the types of roles users can switch in a Google listing? 

Google My Business Primary Owner: The primary owner holds the highest level of access. This role is automatically assigned to the person who initially claimed the listing unless ownership is transferred to another user.

Google My Business owner: A Google My Business profile can have multiple owners. Owners have the authority to make various changes, including adding or removing profiles, editing business information, and managing user access.

Google My Business Manager: Google listings can also have multiple managers. Managers possess the ability to edit business information but do not have the privilege to add or remove users. Their focus is primarily on maintaining and updating the listing's details.

Interested in diving deeper into the realm of local search

If you have inquiries about Google My Business or seek to enhance your Google Business Listing for multiple locations, our expertise is at your disposal. Cloodot provides a range of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that harness the power of AI and automation, aiding businesses in streamlining their customer experience management, especially in areas like reviews and messaging.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today to explore how we can assist you in managing your Google Business Listings more effectively.

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