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Mastering App Excellence through Peer Group Benchmarks


Published on October 9, 2023

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Supercharge your app's performance by tapping into the power of peer group benchmarks. Discover how to outshine your competition and enhance every aspect of your app using these invaluable insights.

How it works:

Peer Group Benchmarks in App Analytics allows you to compare your app's performance with similar apps on the App Store. You can analyze key metrics such as conversion rate, day 1, day 7, and day 28 retention rates, crash rate, and average proceeds per paying user. These benchmark metrics follow the same standards as regular App Analytics metrics and are presented every week.

Peer Group Benchmarks

Compare your app's performance with similar apps using metrics like conversion rate, retention rate, crash rate, and more.

Peer groups are created based on the App Store category, business model, and download volume.

Conversion Rate Improvement

Test different app icons, screenshots, and previews to increase your conversion rate.

Localize your app and product page to appeal to a wider audience.

Proceeds per Paying User Enhancement

Reassess your in-app purchase pricing if below the peer group average.

Focus marketing efforts on top-performing acquisition channels.

Crash Rate Reduction

Analyze crash data by platform, app version, and OS version.

Collect user feedback with TestFlight for prerelease testing.

User Retention Boost

Create in-app events to engage users and showcase updates.

 Improve your app's onboarding experience to explain its value.

Data Privacy Assurance

Peer group benchmarks use differential privacy to protect individual data.

Apple's apps are included for comprehensive performance comparisons.

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